Graduate with your own Brain

The World Needs your Ideas!

We need thinkers and innovators in America—not copy cats. It's actually easier than you might think, and it gets easier each time you are challenged to draw conclusions. Here are some great steps for "synthesizing" facts and turning them into information or knowledge. Examine these questions and see whether they help you make sense of the information you have found:

  • Can I find any pattern in these facts?
  • Can I group a number of facts together and compare and contrast these?
  • Are there any key concepts that keep appearing, which would make me think these are more important?
  • Are their some relationships among these facts (such as cause and effect)?
  • What do I agree with?
  • What do I disagree with?
  • What group has the most strength?
  • What group of facts has weak support?

You have got what it takes to make a brilliant report, project or piece of artwork! Don't destroy your efforts by one cut and paste action, purely because you don't think you can do it! The world needs what you have to offer!

  • Teachers will have to re-teach you skills of citation versus plagiarism.
  • You may have to re-do your assignment.
  • Your grades will be affected negatively.
  • You will be humiliated.
  • Your parents may be notified.
  • Your school record may be modified to reflect cheating.

Why is Plagiarism Such a Big Deal in our Universities

Barbara Brabazon

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