What does Plagiarism Look Like?

plagiarism is stealing others work and it is broad in its scope

Plagiarism in writing- Are you ...?

  • Buying a research paper or using a ghost writer?
  • Stealing a paper?
  • Copy and pasting words?
  • Letting someone write part of your paper…on your machine…for your assignment?
  • Remixing sources?

  • Using text and forgetting to cite the source?
  •  Using another person's ideas without asking them?
  • Using a person's idea without crediting them?
  • Getting too much help?
  • Using work done jointly with a group, as your own?
  • Creating fake citations?

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Plagiarism in the Arts.

  • Are you creating a song based upon a piece of music you barely changed?
  • Are you copying, borrowing, or morphing any intellectual idea and calling it your own?
  • Are you copying a piece of artwork without crediting the origin?

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