Teacher Tools for Plagiarism in the Classroom

Be Proactive in Helping your Students Avoid Plagiarism

A Balance is Important

According to Paul Rapp, intellectual property attorney and adjunct professor, Albany Law School, educators must find a balance between being "responsible" users of information and not fearing the use of other people's work for creative purposes.

Art vs Writing

Students should always cite sources when they write, giving credit where credit is due. However in the arts, students should not let copyright impede their creativity. When an artist "remixes" or creates a "mashup" the artist must insure it is transforming the work into something new.


  • NoodleTools


    A fantastic tool for both educators and students alike, to teach proper research and writing.
    "The We

  • EasyBib


    Research, notes, citation guide, toolbar and more!



  • Bib Me

    Bib Me

    A fully automatic bibliography maker. Autofills citations.


  • Turnitin


    "Turnitin is the global leader in evaluating and improving student writing. The company's cloud-base

  • Fair Use Evaluator

    Fair Use Evaluator

    The Fair Use Evaluator provides information to help you document and decide whether you are abiding

  • American Library Association

    American Library Association

    The American Library Association provides copyright information concerning laws, regulations, fair u

  • Turnitin Admissions

    Turnitin Admissions

    Please don't cheat on your college admissions essay! They WILL find out and you may not get accepted

  • Copyright Clearance Center

    Copyright Clearance Center

     The US Copyright office serves the community of both creators and those who use created material wi

  • Copyright Clearance

    Copyright Clearance

    Questions, answers and interactive quizzes all in one place. Loads of information here at Copyright

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