Student Tools for Plagiarism in the Classroom

Avoiding Plagiarism

The best way to avoid plagiarism is to develop good research habits

  • Ask your librarian whether your school uses Noodletools, Easybib or another tool.
  • EasyBib will help you cite, but NoodleTools will help you learn how to take notes carefully and properly.
  • Write down the citation details of all sources you consult.
  • Keep notes (paraphrased or quoted) and their citation details together.
  • Learn proper paraphrasing – it isn't just changing a few words.
  • In your notes, clearly differentiate among quotes, paraphrasing, summaries, common knowledge and personal opinion.
  • Learn how to correctly cite sources.
  • Ask your teacher for help.
  • Use a guide like this example of a research note taking guide.

Cite Properly

Correctly quoting starts with good research and is the foundation of avoiding plagiarism

  • Citing strengthens your writing.
  • Citing reveals that you have researched your idea and synthesized all the information into your own body of work.
  • Citing shows that you have reached beyond your own world and listened to the ideas of others.
  • Citing someone else shows that other important people support your own thoughts.
  • By quoting oppositional thoughts, you demonstrate that you have thought about both sides of an issue.
  • Citing makes you sound intelligent and will probably improve your grade.


  • NoodleTools


    A fantastic tool for both educators and students alike, to teach proper research and writing.
    "The Web's most comprehensive platform for the academic research process"

  • EasyBib


    Research, notes, citation guide, toolbar and more!

  • ZoTero


    A fully automatic bibliography maker. Autofills citations.

  • Bib Me

    Bib Me

    A fully automatic bibliography maker. Autofills citations.

  • Write Check

    Write Check

    Afraid you didn't use your own words? Be a better writer with Turnitin for students! Don't get caught plagiarising! See if you have cited correctly! A Plagiarism and grammar Check and Tutoring all in one.

  • Turn It In for Admissions

    Turn It In for Admissions

    Please don't cheat on your college admissions essay! They WILL find out and you may not get accepted. Watch videos here for TurnitIn Admissions in the news!

  • Grammerly


    A fantastic tool for both educators and students alike.
    "The World's Best Grammer Checker"


  • United States Copyright Office

    United States Copyright Office

     The US Copyright office serves the community of both creators and those who use created material with thier website containing a compilation of laws, regulations, policies, and files on copyright law. The Office's mission is: "To promote creativity by administering and sustaining an effective national copyright system." Accessed November6, 2012 from

  • Cyberbee


    Learn about Copyright information with Cyberbee. Read an article that will correct you entitled "10 Big Myths about Copyright Explained" and change your thinking! Explore other articles and be informed. Don't remain a bandit bee, get the real info from cyberbee.

  • Copyright Clearance Center

    Copyright Clearance Center

    Questions, answers and interactive quizzes all in one place. Loads of information here at Copyright kids!


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